DAY SEVEN: “4:30 wake up call”

Hello to all!

First off, we are finally one week into this challeneg and I can say that I have had some realizations.

1. This was one of the worst months to do this.

Although it sounded like a great idea at first, I think that the start of the uyear is always busy and it has been very hard to maintain a healthy schedual, due to how late I have been going to bed. I have been going to bed consistantly later than expected, because I am just coming off of winter break as of two days ago; which I had stayed up late every night for two weeks, even when I was sick, so my body is not used to this. While also going to bed late because of break, I now have to study for exams and my job just started up again, so it has been hectic. Just trying to find a way to balance it.


I started this challenge, hoping that it would help me balance everything out nd go to bed early, however it has been completely the opposite-almost. There were more days this past week that I have stayed up until 4:30 or nearly an hour before I am supposed to wake up. The way I worked around the sleepless nights, was by taking a few hours during the day to sleep, but this also did not happen very often, because I did not have a timeslot for it everyday. I pushed through and decided that I could still do this for a month, even if it ended with me being exhasted. There was one day though that I slept through SIX ALARMS! I never sleep through my alarms, due to being a very light sleeper, but this proves how much my body was disliking only getting around 2-3 hours of sleep a night. It had to be the worst of days I slept in too-a work day. It all worked out though; I picked Maddie up late and work was slow so it was good timing I guess.

3. Going to bed early is HARD.

As I said before, I have not been sleeping much, which I had already expected. But this is due to the facts that I have had such a hard time going to bed on time. I wanted to go to bed by nine or ten every night and I have been neglecting that. It is hard to do when my sleep scheduel is off and also I do not get off work until eleven at night sometimes. I have goals to get better at this though and I even took meletonin last night-not advising that at all, but just telling you what I did-, which did help going to bed a little to try to regulate my sleeping schedual.

Okay guys, so those are my insights so far of just a few things that I have learned. I do think that this scheduel is possible and that it could help others be very productive (including myslef), but I just need to start perfecting it and findind a way to make it work for me. I can say that I have gotten more done in the mornings, but giving up all my sleep is not the ideal way to do it. The sleepless nights have caused me to be more emotional than usual. Also I go in phases between wanting to take a nap and falling asleep, and then having all the energy in the world, feeling as if I am on some special drug.

That is my two sense for now. Updates coming late, thank you guys so much for reading!

I appreciate all the help I can get and if you guys can donate or subscribe, that would make me a even happier camper!

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