Hey guys so I’ll be starting a new challenge that is 30 days of kindness. I am super excited for this one and I figured it was the perfect time to do it, because the holidays just finished and everyone is very worn down from the busy season and trying to get back into the regular swing of things.

To start off, I want to say that there are two certain people that inspired me to do this, named Cookie and Rufus. Although I am not super close to them, I know that they have the kindest hearts out there and are always willing to lend a hand or have a good conversation. The two lovely souls that I am talking about have been my neighbors for a good chunk of my life. They have done so much top help other people that they do not even know. They wish that people had spirit all year round to help people out and do good deeds, instead of only doing it or thinking about it around the holidays. I can write a whole article about them after this if you guys are interested, but for right now, I want to tell you guys about the challenge.

THE CHALLENGE: For 30 days, I want to do one active act of kindness: helping someone out or going out of my way to make someone else smile. Now onto the rules; they are super simple!


1. Be active by doing the acts and do not just choose something passive that you did out of habit.

2. Switch it up daily, try not to do the same thing.

3. Try not to tell them that you are doing the challenge.


I encourage all of you guys to take on this challenge with me and try your best to make someone else’s day. Simple little acts can go such a long way. People get too caught up with life sometimes and they forget to really care and do good deeds for others, so let us try to change that.

I hope everyone had a good new year and if you guys want to keep seeing things like this, I would appreciate the support or even a comment down below!


P.S. The cat in the photo above is a cat that I met while volunteering at One of a Kind Pets. Don’t forget that there is always an animal that needs a home.

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