Hello to my wonderful readers!

I can start this out by saying day two was much more successful. I did not sleep very well last night, because I was so excited to start today, which sounds kind of dumb, but I just could not get my mind to turn off and I was very frustrated. None the less, I ended up going to sleep and waking up at 4:30 was super easy, because I was so cold that I was already awake far before that. Although that all does not sound ideal, it allowed me to start my day and I was not too tired actually.

I started off the day with first off just reading some articles on my phone and stretching a little bit. It was pretty nice to actually have a relaxing morning. I ended up cleaning my room up a little and picking out a fun outfit to give me some motivation for my day. After I changed I started reading and working on some of my years resolution goals. I figured that I have all of this excess time in the morning and it will be the best time to get some stuff done and I was correct. I was able to finish majority of stuff on my todo list that involved cleaning up the house and just doing some daily tasks. To my surprise, I even ended up taking down all of the Christmas decorations and it was not that bad, even though I don’t like taking down the Christmas décor. After that, I had time to put on some music and rest a little before I headed out.

Now, that brings me to wear I am now. I’m currently in my favorite coffee shop writing this article, drinking some tea, and working on some homework. The coffee shop is Cafe Arnone by the way! It is super close to my house and the people are always super nice, so I have been coming here pretty often for a change of sceniory.

THE TAKEOUT: Today was a success and all in all I had much more time than normal it seemed like. Some people are night owls and some are early birds. I tend to be one of those people who likes to do both, but I do know that I am much more productive in the morning, so hopefully this routine is persistent and works out in the end. Even if I don’t continue this after this month.

Thanks for reading and I would love if you guys choose to help support me, but either way have a great day!

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